Cibola County Detention Center

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Frank Salcido
Frank Salcido
Jail Administrator
phone: (505)287-6940
fax: (505)287-6990

The Cibola County Detention Center has a staff of 44 full-time positions, which include administrative, security, support and medical staff. In addition to county employees, there are 3 contract personnel and at any given time up to 15 volunteers.


The adult detention facility differs from a traditional linear jail in that there are no bars separating officers and inmates. Instead, they are separated by glass partitions, which allow officers to maintain continuous observation of all inmates and to ensure that inmates are constantly aware that they are under observation.


Built in 2003 and opened in 2004 with a maximum capacity of 260. Inmates are housed in eight secure housing units.


The average daily inmate population for 2009 was 187, most of which are pre-trial detainees.

Cibola County Detention Facility