Cibola County DWI

The Cibola County DWI Program receives money from grants provided by the state of New Mexico to work towards a goal we can all be a part of: Preventing DWI's. Our mission is to reduce the number of DWI's and alcohol related crashes and fatalities within the county until they are a thing of the past. We also strive to prevent underage drinking and drug use.

700 East Roosevelt
Grants, NM 87020

Cibola DWI Commercials

Ext 2585 (Coordinator)



8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Josephine Vaisa
DWI Coordinator

Cibola County DWI Program
Planning Council Members

Johnny Valdez, Chairman
Cibola County Sheriff's Department

Bob Vandiver, Co-Chair
Grants Cibola County Schools

James Jenkins
New Mexico State Police

Racine Rhoades
Cibola County Detention Center

Amy Pearson
Adult Probation and Parole

Peter Borrow
Children, Youth, and Families

Tina Jaramillo
Magistrate Court

Carol Jarrell
Milan Court

Judge Larsen
Grants Municipal Judge

Bobby Littlebear
Community Representative

Involved Entities
Adult Probation & Parole
Children, Youth, Families
Cibola Counseling
Cibola County Magistrate Court
Cibola County School District
Cibola County Sheriff's Department
Family Connections
Grants Fire & Rescue
Grants Municipal Court
Grants Police Department
Juvenile Probation &Parole
Mother's Against Drunk Driving
Mount Taylor Ambulance
New Mexico State Police
Coordinator Prevention Programs DWI/Misdemeanor Compliance Teen Court Treatment Enforcement